How to Improve Your SEO Writing Skills – 2024 Guide

Improve Your SEO Writing Skills

For any digital marketing strategy that is put in place, the main aim is to get as much organic traffic as possible.

Getting better rankings on Google is the best way to achieve this. SEO writing is the best way to get better rankings as it improves the page experience, which is important to rank higher on Google search pages. You won’t get much traffic if you don’t do this, and all your hard work will be lost on later pages of Google.

But getting a click is not the only point; only good content will push the reader to do what is intended by you.

This is why we have brought you a list of steps that you can take to improve your SEO writing skills; your digital marketing strategy depends on it. Moreover, you can also take an online course to improve your SEO writing skills.

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However, for now, follow these tips and see the difference in your SEO writing.

1. Focus on the Headline

Focus on the Headline

As mentioned above, getting the top ranking at Google SERP is not enough and won’t work unless you have something to offer to the reader.

Even on the first page, there are a number of websites that people can choose from. For them to actually click, your headline is the best shot you have. Make it attractive and useful enough so that reader chooses to click on it.

The key to writing a good headline is to make it short, and to the point but still give readers enough idea what will be presented to them.

Your Meta description will also play an important role as it is the extra context that will help readers make a decision. Make your headlines short but crisp, that’s the crux.

2. Make Audience Focused Content

As the technology is getting further in the race, search engines including Google are getting better at spotting the content that is of higher interest to the users.

This means that there is no benefit to writing content that is infested with keywords meant to trick the search engine algorithm. Only genuine content that has keywords where necessary and is meant for the audience is going to make it to the top of Google SERP.

This is why it is important to first know your audience and then write relevant content. The content doesn’t really have to be all about your services and products but make sure that you stick to the niche. This is what will interest your reader and will make them click on your page.

3. Maintain the Structure of Posts


Not everyone on Google is looking to read a detailed post that starts from one planet and ends on the other. Most of the time, people are looking for a quick answer which means they may not read everything you’ve written. If you make it easier for readers to locate content, the better your content will perform on SERP.

You can add a bulleted list of content at the beginning for better navigation. For paragraphs, keep the sentence length short and write multiple paragraphs. Your headline should also use keywords so that Google can place it on the first page.

The bad structure will mean that reader quits your page earlier and all the content that could’ve been useful to them is wasted.

4. Audit the Existing Content

When writing a content piece, one normally does a keyword search. But it is not advised to jump straight to writing content based on keywords.

You first need to go through your existing content and see if a similar piece was written before or not. This will help you avoid repetition and will save time and effort in case it is detected afterward when work has already begun.

So, if the keyword is of high priority and content has been written on it before, you can make minor or major changes to it. You can also merge two pieces if it is possible.

5. Connect Content with Social Media

No digital marketing strategy can excel today without social media, even SEO. When you post a content piece, make sure that you tell about it to your social media followers as well. Use attractive imagery, call-to-action, and the link of your content to help the audience reach it.

On your blog, make sure that there is a share button placed visibly as well so that the audience reach can increase this way as well. Open Graph for Facebook and Twitter Cards for Twitter can also help you get to a wider audience, although these are technical features.



Writing SEO content is changing; so you should change your technique and enhance your skills accordingly. The puzzle will only be set when you create quality content and then use the right techniques to place it where people can find it easily.