5 Tips for Using Video Marketing to Build Your Brand

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Marketing centres around the idea of attracting customers through whichever means possible and boosting sales. As we get used to social media and reduced attention spans of the audience, creative approaches become important. One such creative approach to marketing is through videos which is perfect for catching attention.

There are many brands that are heavily investing in video marketing and getting good results. It can change the way your brand is looked at and increase customer engagement. In this article, we will be sharing some tips with you on how to use video marketing to help your brand reach new heights.

Tell a Story

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The older video marketing was primarily through advertisements that were shown in between a sports match or a favourite TV serial. These were definite breaks in the entertainment and many people could choose to ignore them right away. Using the internet to reach people helps in video marketing and give the business a chance to tell their story.

If we take social media, for example, video has become a primary source of entertainment for all audiences. So if a brand wants to engage with their target customer demographic it needs to have engaging content which is driving sales but not overtly. The fixation should be on the story telling and not on the sales.

The best way to use video marketing is by showing it as content which is likely to be consumed and not as an advertisement which is likely to be ignored. The story should engage with the viewer on an emotional level which is the oldest trick in the advertising book. Brand Building is made easy through social media.

Catch Them From the Get Go

Building a brand is no joke. If you are not able to attract customers with your video, there is little left to be done. The average attention span of a viewer has been reduced to 8.5 seconds. That gives you roughly 8 seconds to give them something worthwhile before they choose to skip the ads.

If you have invested time and money into building an idea, it should be conveyed in a fashion which is appreciated by the masses. Of course, interested people will watch it anyway and your regular customers will stay tied to you on the basis of your products and services. But building a brand essentially means that you need to keep gaining customers and acquiring new clients on the way.

In such a case, video wins in comparison to articles or pictures. People are more likely to stay and watch for a few seconds what the video is about. If they are intrigued in the first few seconds, they might watch the entire thing. It then depends on the presentation of the marketing idea because video marketing already gives you an edge you need to take advantage of.

Choose the Right Thumbnail

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Clickbait is something you can use to your advantage especially on video sharing platforms where people consciously select what they are going to be watching. Even on corsica media apps, one gets the option of selecting a thumbnail for the video to be posted so that people can see what the video is about beforehand.

We are not advising to use a misleading thumbnail; just an interesting one. Be sure to look at the content closely and find a thumbnail which shows the crux of the message. The right thumbnail can lead to more engagement and also lead to people sharing and engaging with the content. It is especially great with social media marketing.

Do Not Depend on Sound

Let us explain why we say so. Many of the videos watched on social media platforms are watched with the sound off. The most common reason for this is people are not very often connected with their earphones or airpods. They might be checking their social media accounts on the way to and back from work. Keeping the sound on attracts attention of people around them which is not exact;y what everyone prefers.

If you have watched videos posted on social media platforms, you might have encountered many with subtitles. This is essential not only for people with hearing impairments but also for people watching them with the sound off. You can, of course, use the trending soundtracks to stay in touch with the audience.

However, make sure that the sound always remains secondary to the message you are trying to convey. The story should be loud and clear even if you are not using any sound or music. It is a challenge for marketing but once it is overcome, one can easily grip the target customers in all of the upcoming marketing campaigns. Use subtitles whenever necessary to reach more people if you do have to say something.

Call to Action is Important

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Call to action or CTA is an important part of marketing which cannot be ignored by any campaign. Even if you are posting content on a video sharing platform, you have subtly nudged the viewers into interacting and engaging with the content posted. This will increase viewership immensely.

The most common CTAs include asking people to comment their opinion about something shown or asked through the video. They can also be asked to share or simply like to boost the content to more viewers. The algorithm of different apps are dependent on multiple factors all of which need to be taken care of.

The Takeaway

We hope that these steps made you more comfortable in using video marketing for your next campaign. There are different products and services that appeal to different segments of the society. Targeting the ads becomes extremely important and many platforms offer the chance of doing so conveniently. Using the right hashtags and engaging with the trending music and content creation also becomes important. One has to compete with influencers to attract attention so the message should be clear without being overly promotional.