Logo Sign Placement: Where to Display Your Sign for Maximum Impact

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When you are all set with the design of a business logo, the biggest challenge you experience is deciding its right position. Whenever any person visits the online portal of any brand, the first thing they see is its logo. It is a unique sign that gives true meaning to any company. The placement decision can be confusing and challenging at the same time.

You must understand the importance of the brand logo and choose an appropriate position for maximum impact. You must maintain its position as it can severely affect the business presentation. Before making any mistake, you must know everything about business logo signs.

This write-up will cover some important tips regarding the placement of business logos. You can follow all the tips and improve the sign presentation. It will help in gaining the attention of visitors, and it will also add value to your business.

1. Keep It to the Left Side

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Generally, your brand website must be in English and written from left to right. The majority of the audience will also be the same. Everyone will pay attention to the left side of the webpage and start reading further. You can put the logo on the left and, initially, drive everyone’s attention toward your brand sign.

A logo speaks enough about your business, and sharing company details through this sign is easy. Every business needs to work hard while designing and creating a unique logo. You must notice little details that add value to your logo.

Whenever visitors land on your website, they will notice the sign and be convinced to know more about the business. Slowly, the customer will explore all the products and be motivated enough to do shopping. In this way, your company will grow as it enhances sales.

2. Stick to the Same Position

Many companies try to be creative by fading their logo and making it appear on other sides. It is better if you keep it in the same position. The fading and repositioning of the logo can confuse people and affect the presentation.

If you want others to pay attention to your company website and purchase products, you must keep deciding on a position for sign placement and stick to it. The image should be clear and needs enough blank space. You should remember the color theory.

If the background is dark, the logo must be bright to appear prominently. The sign should appear like the popped image on the web page to get visitors’ attention. But overall, the position of the logo should remain the same.

3. Proper Scaling

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You must design your company logo in vector format, and it is okay if you can scale it down or up. Many individuals avoid increasing its size, which needs to look more prominent. It is good to choose the SVG format instead of JPEG or GIF. It is easy to do scaling in SVG format.

No one will notice the small logo visible in the corner. You must scale it as required but keep the size big enough that it gains the attention of every visitor. You must design and scale the sign in different sizes before placing it on your online portal. It must be visible clearly once you fix the position of the logo.

4. Automatic Adjustment While Using Mobile Devices

Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone, and accessing any website through mobile is easy. Therefore, companies are working hard to develop mobile-friendly websites so that one can open the site on other devices. Some businesses have also developed mobile apps to target more people.

The position adjustment of the logo must be automatic on such websites. Anyone who opens the site on his smartphone must see the sign position at the same place. The size may decrease, but it should be visible anyway.

In some sites, the logo appears initially and then; a visitor can scroll down to see the content. But in any way, it is necessary to get visitors’ attention and avoid them bouncing on another portal. The automatic position adjustment of the business logo is quite important for mobile-friendly applications.

5. Focus On Size

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The size of your business sign matters a lot while positioning it on your online portal. If you keep the size too big, it may dislocate, and it will not appear properly. But if you keep it small, it will not appear prominently.

For maximum impact, you must keep the size moderate so that one can see all the details clearly and be convinced enough to explore details on the site. You must choose the left side for sign placement and keep it constant in every page size.

The logo size can also change if the website is visited on a smartphone or while resizing the window size. Therefore, you must focus on the logo size if concerned about the position.

6. Use the Logo Wherever Required

It is necessary to put your sign on every product, packaging, online website, discount coupon, etc. You must post the business sign wherever required. If you are not doing so, people will forget about your company and may bounce to another platform. You need the audience to stick to your brand and remember your company.

Therefore, you must put your logo wherever required. But ensure to put your logo appropriately everywhere, as it can frustrate the audience. It may be a marketing tactic that needs to be avoided. You must think hard to decide the appropriate position of the business logo and keep it wherever it is required.

Final Thoughts

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Business logo placement is a crucial thing that matters a lot for building a company’s reputation. You must find an appropriate place to use the brand sign, which should appear prominent. It will allow your customer to gain trust and build importance for the brand.

You cannot compromise the business sign’s position and other visual aspects. You must think like your audience and position the logo appropriately. All the mentioned tips will help you decide the right position for your company sign.